Duplex. Zoom R16

Hi, firstly sorry if this topic has been asked about before, I quickly scanned the topics here and didnt see anything relating to my problems. Also Hello! this is my first post to the forum.

Here goes…

Just picked up the Zoom R16 for multitrack recording and I’m also keen to make use of the Audio Interface feature for mixing in Renoise. Iv been a renoise user for a while since finally letting the Amiga/protracker go and resign it to history.
I’m just looking for a way to map the Zoom R16 to faders and transport control etc. l looked at duplex but there is no option for it (I didn’t really expect that yet anyway) and lm not sure how to create a code for it.

Anyone using Zoom? would be nice to get it working with Renoise because the alternative is to start using Abelton spits :)



As far as I know, there was a person who tried to make the Duplex mapping for R16 before. But since Duplex doesn’t support relative encoder yet, he couldn’t complete to make the mapping then.

But, fader and transport buttons may be able to be used even in the current state.
If you are interest in making your own mapping for R16, seeing this article may help you. :)

Thanks for your reply.

l did look into the midi mapper and it will let me select transport but not faders or any other knobs.

That post looks like its what Im after but seems overly complex, to my tired eyes.

l couldnt find ‘Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\Renoise\V?.?.?\Scripts\Tools\com.renoise.Duplex.xrnx\Duplex\Controllers’ in my program files either and im still not sure why.

Ouch, it’s an old path for Win XP, sorry.

Now it’s here :) :

I can confirm the ZOOM R8 works with Renoise (transport buttons, faders - set up in Prefs) but transport LEDs on the R8 stay on once activated. Love the ZOOM, BTW. Set at 48K 24bit for recording samples from guitar and mic. The ZOOMs emulate Mackie Control if that’s any help.

Yeah, Mackie Control, I know it roughly. Maybe it’s something like this.
I guess that the Panning knobs of R16 & R8 are relative knobs, so we cannot use them in Duplex yet currently.
Faders seems to send PitchBend signals, so we can use them maybe.

But about the buttons above Feders (Play/Mute/Rec ?), I do not understand clearly.
Have they transmitted the MIDI signals ?? If so, what signal(s) they send exactly?? :huh: (for example the button on the track 1)

Aren’t the knobs of the APC40 relative/endless encoders? Or is that something different? Or am I just mistaken?

Ahh, the CUE LEVEL knob is a relative encoder (so we cannot use it yet). But other encorders are common type knobs, I think. Otherwise, we cannot use them in current Duplex.

Sorry for the side-track witchfactor:

“16 endless encoders with LED rings” from http://www.ableton.com/apc40

What’s the difference between a relative encoder and other type of endless encoder then? I thought they were the same, as they tell you which direction you’ve moved, rather than give an absolute value. Or is it the APC40 firmware itself which is then set to output standard MIDI values, so it doesn’t matter than the encoder itself is relative?

Well, simply I think the explanation of their site is not good. :rolleyes:
Please see the APC40_Communications_Protocol pdf (page 18-20).

It is described that the Device knobs are absolute and the CUE LEVEL knob is relative.

relative knob transmits accelerating values.
See the CUE LEVEL knob’s output values in my odd post. :)

re: satobox

I use a neat little (free) program called Midi Monitor http://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor to determine the midi commands being input by various buttons and knobs. The results can be saved as a txt file, too. It makes it easy to do hard coded midi assigns when necessary, or for debugging.


@Deathray Cowboy :)

Thanks for your help, but please give me a few days before troubling your hand.
After that, I’ve noticed that my nanoKONTROL2 is made with Mackie Control conformity, too (for example, “Cubase mode”). In such mode, nanoK2 also seems to send the same signals as this Mackie Control MIDI Map.

So, I guess that if I make a Duplex map which fits nanoK2’s Cubase mode, it may fit Zoom-R series partially too.
So I’ll try to make such a map and post it as the new Mackie Control topic later.

I’ve made it. :)

Please test it with Zoom-R series.

this should be the same for the r16 in that case. can you please talk me through how you got this working?