Duplicate Track (ctrl-d)

what’s the use of duplicate track (ctrl-d)? why would i want to duplicate a track, or a track and it’s content? i can think of some awkward ways to use it, but are there some cool tricks i’m missing? curious.

This comes in handy when you want to layer a sound like a lead. Just duplicate it and change the instrument. Please note that it also duplicates the DSP chain! Big time saver in my opinion.

There are thousands of reason why you would want to do this!

For example, you might want to copy a track with multiple sounds in it and then split them up

or you might want to split a bassline into two parts (or three or four) and then eq each part seperately for individual processing…

etc etc etc .

Yeah I’ve been doing just that. Duplicate a bassline track, lo-pass one and compress, hi-pass the other and distort the shit out of it. Sounds rude.

Also handy for jamming a drum track into one track, duplicating it, then deleting, say, the kicks from one and the snares from the other, to process them individually. Much quicker than copying the notes over one at a time.

cool, nice suggestions, thanks!