Duplicated tabs (Sampler, plugin, midi)

It is not big fault or anything but it is little confusing. Why to have these tabs on both screens? I think it is ok enough if it stuck just with instrument editor and not pattern.

This was done on purpose, in case you are using the detached editor on top of the main window in a single monitor setup.
Doesn’t really hurt to have it doubled also in dual monitor setups?

It doesnt, but i think that it can disapear from pattern editor if you detach this window so there will be room for something else. But on the other hand, it is sometimes more comfortable to click on some of these tab in pattern window because your cursor can be nearer etc.

Btw. I´ve today found that it would be nice if i could have pattern editor on one monitor and mixer on second (dont need it, but can use it). Why you dont add these one tab next to these “duplicated” and duplicate it also? It would be more practial than have “midi” f.e. on both screens. Because you wanna watch song as it plays and change post fx volume of something. Dont talk ebout meters for now ;)/>.
I am just curious why mixer, spectrum etc is not implemented also in the second window…

It would change when you detach it of course, it wouldnt have any sense to have mixer tab when it is attached. As it isnt needed to have “midi etc tabs” when the second window is maximalized (on the same or second monitor). But i dont know if this behaviour can be programmed, so…