Dvd Video Ripping

Anyone can suggest a good program to rip a dvd and encode it to divx?

please, dont get us into trouble. discuss only legal solutions here.

i think he’s talking about a dvd of his family reunion, aren’t you trackit?

anyway the program i used to use back in the day is called a name that i already posted but edited out so that renoise forums don’t get in trouble, but there are probably better alternatives now

no im not talking about exactly family reunion :) but im talking about converting my legally bought DVD-s to hard drive… whats illegal about that? :unsure: I have dvds with music videos and stuff and i dont want to mess with dvd disks all the time as i have big HDD now. I want to just doubleclick and watch some vids here and there for inspiration or something… :) I cant see why DVD ripping is any more illegal than CD ripping and mp3 encoding… and that is done all the time for mp3 players and storing and so forth…

anyway, i found a program called dvdx on sourceforge and it seems to do the job just fine :)

about the legality. In germany (where this page is hosted and registered) one can get into serious trouble by linking or describing methods to get rid of a copy protection mechanism although the private copy is still allowed here. Ironic.

So, it could get us into some troubles if you talk about DE-CSS methods, or how to work around other copy protection systems. No idea how rabid lawyers can get if one does only speak about such stuff and i would like to keep it this way :)

thanks for respecting that.

i dunno, i dont think that im trying to overcome some copyright mechanisms or something… those dvds can be even copied with nero…

but ok yeah, its not my intention to get you in trouble, so ill be quiet :)

you got a pm …

looza! I knew you were a %&/$# cop! :panic: