Dx7Iifd As Controller In Renoise

I’m trying to use a dx7iifd as my controller for renoise as well as external hardware synthesizers. I’d like to be able to use the dx7 to input notes into renoise. I’d like to be able to hear what I’m doing at the same time. Problem is, i keep getting midi loops.

Ive got my dx going into an 8 part midi mixer which also goes into a bcr2000 which I use as my midi interface. I can get notes into renoise, but they continuously record/play in a loop. Is there a way to stop renoise from receiving back what it transmits?

Hmmm… May have just answered my question. It appears that renoise always has midi soft thru enabled? If I could disable this then my note on could be output to renoise via port 1 and back to my dx7 via port 4 of my midi mixer. I think renoise would record the note press but not play back the sound? Please let me know if this sounds right.


Sorry to bump the thread, but can anyone confirm this? I imagine it’s not in incredibly rare setup.