E-Cat - Energy Catalyzer

Hi all, in the last few months here in Italy there have been a lot of buzz about an experiment called “E-cat” energy catalyzer by Rossi & Focardi

It seems that they have discovered how to use cold fusion to produce energy with an incredible low cost and in a “domestic” enviroment

check this: E-cat

There’s a lot of argue about the way Andrea Rossi is managing his invention… he doesn’t want to show what’s inside the catalyzer and doesn’t allow university of Bologna to make a scientific test.
He rather wants to sell his upcoming 1MW e-cat container to a buyer and make a contract straight on

He did some demonstrations where he invited journalists and experts from Sweden and Italy showing them that after 4 hours of energy supply he turned off the input of energy and the catalyzer “worked” for other 3 hours and a half in “self-sustained mode” so it was producing more than what was needed in a perpetual or infinite way (it depend on how much nickel Hydrogen there’s inside the e-cat)

Here is the video reportage of the experiment

If Rossi was for real… this could be the greatest discovery ever

What do you think about?

Been following this quite closely and quite interested to see what will be the outcome come the end of this month but until them I feel a little sceptical, even though he seems to have agreed to more than most with peer reviews and demonstrations. Hopefully lack of information is due to lack of patent and patent offices have even been known to refuse patents if they do not believe the science behind the application is correct (as will often be the case in cold fusion claims.)

What can I say but Interesting Times may well be ahead :)

Indeed it’s a very complicated matter… patents are not easy to obtain without unveiling the invention…

On 28th october we will maybe know something more. I really hope the test will last 24 hours to dissolve some of the the doubts about a possible inside charger of some sort

I really hope this is a true discovery in such a difficult global economic moment