E-mu 1616 With Renoise

Just ordered the PCMCIA sound card for my lappy. E-MU 1616. Have anyone tryed this card with Renoise and is it working properly? It seemed quite good and the built in DSP effects seemed pretty nice to take some load of the CPU using those instead of VST plugins =)


let me know if you tryed. =)

I have this.

Works fine with Renoise. Nice card.

The DSP effects will not work in real time with a lot of PCMCIA manufacturers slots. Dont worry if they dont. They are not all that good.

The only time I use them is in PatchMix when I stick the DSP compressor on the outputs when I am watching an old film late at night. I use it to stop the huge transients you get in old films from disturbing my neighbours.

Just got it, and working fine, except for the Hardware Accellerated VST (DSP) effects in renoise… kinda the main reason why i got it since I wanted to take some load of the CPU … just for some reverb, compressors, EQ’s, chorus etc … maybe I just didnt setup things correctly :P

Read my post again.

You will not get the DSP to work as plugins in any DAW. This is a recognised issue. You can get them to work on the PatchMix window through Emu’s own software, but you will not be able to load them into Renoise (or any Software DAW).

You are just going to have to live with this fact until Emu sort out the drivers.

Agree. Same here but with Emu0404. Perfect sound anyway. Also its deafault [realtime] effects aren`t good at all, for examople pitch shift and reverb…

Ahhh. So the trouble isn’t the PCMCIA slot itself and varying quality of those, but rather the drivers from EMU? Seem strange that they include a non working feature in the package :P

Although Setting up Multiple ASIO channels in the Patch mix window and sending Certain tracks to those from Renoise worked like a charm. I don’t mind the effects not being included when rendering from renoise, or if thei’re all that good. It just gives me a realtime result, closer to what i expect after Rendering - Mixing - and mastering… Usually I add most effects when mixing anyways so this works fine for me so far.

Yeah the problem is the EMU drivers way of handling different PCMCIA manufacturers model. The Ricoh ones seem to cause the most problems, but Texas Instruments are a bit better.

The DSP as VST is not a great loss though in real terms