E-mu Patchmixdsp New Skin!

the update!!! version 1.6.1 now with additional PowerFX skin!!!
(for the PatchMixDSP v1.6)



For manual installation:

looks very clean and solid, nice work.
gonna give it a try as soon as i got tired of the default skin - i just received my 1212m yesterday :)

hope you are happy with your 1212m - i have the 1212m too … i like the really clean and dynamic sound - great card :)

… but the E-MU GUI isn’t nice - the badest thing is the font in the mixer!.

it’s definately a nice card when it comes to sound quality (i’m using the coaxial s/pdif digital out) but there unfortunately are some downsides with this piece of hardware, too:

  • when enabling the I/O card’s analog inputs (L/R) there is a very well audible and therefore unpleasant whitenoise when no audio is played - muting those inputs, is the only solution to get rid of it.

  • when an audio application (i.e. renoise) crashes without terminating the ASIO interface correctly, E-MU’s ASIO driver turns unusable until i perform a reboot. this is a pretty major bug with the ASIO drivers imo.

  • the DSP effects are (except a few) pretty weak. especially the stereo reverb is really disappointing quality-wise. to my ears it sounds even worse than renoise’s native reverb :(

  • the number of effects that can be handled simultaniously by the onboard DSP is very limited… a few inserted peak meters, monitoring a couple of the ASIO outs suffices to render some of the FX unusable.
    monitoring all available ASIO outs (1/2-31/32) with peak meters, obviously creates a load on the DSP which doesn’t allow any further implementation of DSP FX… really kinda weak hm?

but besides that, i’m running ASIO at latencies (7ms) i could’ve only dreamed of with my old setup with a really fantastic overall soundquality.
so i’m pretty content after all i guess and hope that maybe the next driver update will fix the issue with the ASIO driver becoming unusable when an audio apps crashes (renoise 1.5a songloadbug anyone?) ;)

oh btw, can you confirm my experiences? or is it just me or my setup?
and what output do you use with your 1212m? the balanced 1/4" analog ones?

yes keith that’s it … but think about value for money??? most important thing on a soundcard is the sound-quality! :) … i hope it too that the next update (hopefully released in autumn) will fix something of this (the asio-crash/reboot thing is really annoying).
in my opinion the reverb fx is better than the native renoise one - that’s my impression … and the most important thing on this fx - it needs no cpu-resources! (maybe i will use it if the E-MU powerFX vst is released maybe - E-Wire won’t in Renoise and other apps)

at the moment i’m workin with analog un-balanced output - but with an great amp and good monitor speakers :) … next time analog balanced is my plan …