Easiest way of generating multisample

I’m interested in doing the following.

  1. Generate a renoise track containing note data for a VST or hardware synth.
  2. Resampling to capture the output.
  3. Taking that Rendered Sample XX and turning it into a multisample.

Essentially one can work out by trivial calculation the sample indices for the start of each of the notes, since that is a function of tempo, position in the pattern and sample frequency. Then we need to get a sample
so that e.g.
B1-Db1 map to samples 0-9999, with root note set at C1
D1-E1 map to samples 10000-19999, with root note set at Eb

F3-G3 map to samples n0000-n9999, with root note set at F#3

Since this is a straightforward algorithmic procedure, I wonder if there is an easy way of accomplishing it without doing things manually.

I’m not sure I follow, but isn’t the vst grabber what you’re looking for?


That only works on plugins, not hardware.
There was this renoise tool that someone made for linux: Announcing synthclone-0.3.0!
Supposedly he was able to build it on Mac.

While not fully automated, it wouldn’t be that hard to record a pattern, and beat slice it.
If anyone has a better idea, I’m also interested. I’d like to be able to automatically generate an instrument for each parameter setting.
I guess you change parameters every pattern, and then render the song with the ‘save each pattern as separate file’, then load them into a new song, beat slice, and save as instruments. If you don’t fancy the slice markers, you can destructively render them (right-click on the waveform and select “Slices > Destructively Render Slices” from the menu).

I’ve thought about building this tool sometimes. Haven’t done much with the rendering functions, and although I would build it rather to use it for re-rendering sample-based instruments to instruments again… it could be really helpful for lots of things, I guess. Cool idea.
Does song tempo make a difference for some instruments?
Parameters for rendering would be: note length, note-off (trail) length, low and high note, interval, prepend note data (I make fx sometimes with a tuned Phaser, but it’s really getting too much latency to get a pure tone on the attack - so prepend note would just take one line before the actual hit, fill it with the same note but at volume 00, so the keybound fx get enough time to check themselves)
If anybody thinks of more parameters that need to be taken into consideration, please let me know.

Also, I’ve recently built a tool called InstrMapper that can really help out if you’ve got folders with instrument samples in there, named “Saxophone Db3” up to “Saxophone G6” or something like that - you can pick such a directory (Maschine library as an example, but my guess is many instrument/sample libraries are sorted like this) and automatically load and map the whole shebang. It’s working pretty well and don’t need to update it for myself as of right now, but I haven’t put it in .xrnx form yet to download… Will be updated!