Easily Embarrassed - Idyllic Life Project 'heart Wired'


We’ve just finished our Renoise 1.8b6/b7 song :)

It isn’t widely spread yet, but I’m sure most of you are able to stream it from our Twisted Sessions Profile. Look for ‘Heart Wired’ on top of that page.

Will post here later if we have a downloadable version ready. (Edit : Here it is)

Would be very thankful for any comments/feedback on this one. Please post your thoughts here ;)

The style mixture made it interesting for me. Very nice song, great mixing, no complains here. :)

Oh thanks Beatslaughter! And sorry for not thanking you sooner ;) I kind of forgot about having posted this track around here already! :P

Btw, does nobody else like to take a listen and comment on it? If you didn’t like what you heard, I would love to hear that as well. We are working on some new projects and could use all the feedback from you renoisers in order to get on the right track :D

Edit : oh crap, I promised a downloadable version instead of the streamed one at twisted! Will get back on that one later :) need to upload the high quality version someplace first …

Took some time to clean up host in order to store it, but here it is now :

downloadable mp3 version

merry christmas ;)

It sounds very cool actually…
Worth downloading…, though the leads sound a bit far away.
If they are for background purposes then it is okay, but if you don’t plan to add anymore i would bring the leads more to the front.

Thanks vV.

I guess with leads you mean the flute? Or also the strings and violins (which serve as background sounds for the majority of the song indeed) ?

I think the flute could have been more in the front now, but the distorted lead, especially the first one, should have been kept down a little. Maybe a little more low end to the violins early on?

Any suggestions?

Really like your pads. The whole vibe is pretty solid. I like the reggae influence in the song also. Really did your arp pattern that kicks in about 5:04 secs into the tune. i would say, as for improvement, is to work on your transations between the phrases. I feel that you could explore that area more . Overally, good vibes.

Okay, more attention on transitions between phases. Will try to work on that one with the guys for sure. Thanks for pointing out :)

Oh and happy new year everyone!