Easily Embarrassed Renoise Songs

Heh, I sometimes browse these forums but never post here.

I’m with 2 other guys working with project name ‘Easily Embarrassed’. Maybe people from CTG around here know us. Anyway, we always use Renoise with a bunch of VST loaded to create our crap. I like the build in filter and flanger of renoise to get some stuff done. And the selection to sample feature is great :)

Thought it was about time I go do some healthy spam here if you guys don’t mind :) … Hopefully someone can kill some time by listening to us and give us some feedback on the way things sound. We would love that ;)

First we have our latest track made with renoise1.8b5 up here: Easily Embarrassed - Onai Project

I think we did well with the beat, hope you’ll like it :)

Earlier, we also have released an ambient mix called ‘Darkened Emotion’ containing 4 tracks we created in the past, which you can get here:
Easily Embarrassed - Darkened Emotion

-1 ‘Magic Fields’ on there is an oldy we did in Renoise 1.5. We used the ‘render selection to sample’ feature to play with the piano vst and get it reversed like that. Was really awesome to play with the effect it created :) (same tricks where used in our latest Onai Project thingy)
-2 ‘Blurred clouds under the gloomy moon’ is a gloomy ambient track, which was the last one we did with renoise 1.5 before moving on to the betas of 1.8. We have some heavy automation on the clap sample going in the rythm later on, but other nothing really special actually.
-3 ‘Illusions within Ourselves’ was done in 1.8b3. Automated renoise distortion was used on the bassline. Think it sounded cool.

  • 4 ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ was started in 1.8b1 and it crashed a lot on us during the early stages :P We finished it in 1.8b3. We go funny with the beat in the end, where the retrigger is not the glitch vst btw, but the renoise build in flanger ;)

All tracks where rendered with the 1.8b5 and then mixed together and mastered in acid with sonitus fx plugins and stuff.

Hope you guys like them :)

The Onai project sounds cool, i’m still busy trying to download the other 45mb archive…

This looks interesting, leeching both now and will give a spin asap. :)

Yeah, very relaxed toons mates… keep it up!
I like Electronic ambient…
Keep posting, this stuff is welcome material here.

Very, very good music. Makes me think of The Fourth Barramundi Sampler - The Uncertain Future, one of my favourite ambient samplers.

I’ll welcome this to my mp3 player for sure :)

Yay, thanks for your comments guys!

Heh, will do that for sure ^_^