East West Play_vst.dll - Not Detected

East West’s play vst doesn’t show up on my host - but does in Nuendo 4.

I have contacted Sounds Online with a ticket for them to investigate as well.

Platform: Win XP Pro SP3
Mem: 3.5Gig
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3gHz

Renoise 2.1

Play_VST.dll - Version

Works fine in Nuendo 4 using same VST plug-in folder.

Have you clicked the rescan button in the VST preference properties?

Also do you notice the “Scan for new plugins on startup” checkbox… is it checked or not?

Also:If you install a plugin while Renoise is running, a “Rescan” is always required in order to get the plugin detected in a running session.

Renoise wont detect the 64 bit version of the dll aswell
you you might need to verify you have the 32 bit version installed