Easteregg Improvement: Phase & Spectrum In Different "More&#34


While we’re talking about the spectrum:

Now that we have a pimped out metering section with spectrogram to boot, this easter egg would be even more amazing having the spectral stuff in full size, atm the panning thing has precedence over the spectro-stuff, wouldn’t mind seeing this reversed!

One way to get a large spectrogram, when having 2 monitors, is un-maximizing Renoise when in easter-egg mode and dragging/enlarging the program window to the side.


Err, never mind, you can turn off phase view using the little toggle! Awesome :)

and one can hide the instrumentbox! :) woo.

awesome. now if only the global view presets could store Instrument Box states

How about being able to detach this view so you can maximize it on another monitor? Would work well together with the mixer on another monitor! :drummer:

yeah but once we go the detach route, people will want detachable pattern editor, detachable pattern matrix, detachable disk browser with more mode, detachable track dsp loading (maximized), detachable multi-automation-envelopes, and who knows what else, detachable nibbles probably too

Is that a bad thing?

I really want a detachable mixer and pattern editor – heck, I’d almost be happy if everything else regressed to 1.7 standards in exchange for those two being detachable (or even just one – all I want is to see both at once!)

Nibbles already comes in a separate window.

Ok, detachable window for, oh, i dont know, instrument keyzones or something

We want the instrument Keyzone into a rotatable 3D space object so that we can also see the double or triple layers.

you know, i don’t even much care for detachable anything :) it’s probably great tho. instrument envelope looked real nice real big. and sure, having a second monitor for master spectrum easter egg-mode would be great too, why not. i’ll just trust that the devteam know exactly what they’re doing (every updated version confirms it)


luls ;)

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i’m not static

Sweet :ph34r: If you use joule’s capture track from instrument tool you can change the spectrum’s focus.

please explain further. when was this tool released? does the 2.8 beta spectrum allow for switching selected_track_to_spectrum? really??

Basically, if you use this tool and click on the instruments at the side of the spectrum, the tool will select the track the instrument is in, so it will appear on the spectrum, if track display is selected track.

you can just use tab no, to switch tracks?

what, in easter-egg-mode?

You can yes but as soon as I make a change to a dsp, track select loses focus from tab. Which key binding is track select?