Easy, Useful New Feature Suggestion

Ive recently got hold of about 100 sample packs each of a separate drum machines sounds. I wanted to map them to the keyboard (to make separate drum machines each as an instrument) with the first sample at C0. I want to start mapping from C0 because each sample pack contains too many samples to fit on the keyboard if I start mapping from C4. This is not possible with the ‘generate drumkit’ option as it always starts from C4. I’ll have to assign each sample manually which will take a long time. Someone has made a tool (called tomate) which maps tonal instruments correctly if the samples all have similar names (starts mapping from C1).

So, my suggestion is to have a ‘start key’ option added to the generate drumkit feature. you would use a drop down menu to choose C0, C1, C4…or any key, then you would click ‘generate drumkit’ and the samples would be assigned to that key and all keys above the ‘start key’ that you chose.

i think this feature would be very useful. anyone agree/disagree?

Very nice idea!


Suggested this before, with also option of setting a span (so for multi sampled instruments would automatically space them3/4/5/whatever notes apart) and a couple of other minor changes to help generate instrument and drum kits.