Easy way to add a slight punch to drums


I would like to add some more punch to some bassdrum and snare, but only at the loudest part of the waveform. What would be a good approach here? Is there a way to achieve clip distortion? Or something more sophisticated, similiar to clip distortion?

I am not talking about compression, influence of transients or editing samples.

you need to investigate;

transient shapers

In almost all of my work I use pitch modulation to enhance the transients of drums.
It’s fast and simple

I just tried this out the other day. It’s pretty rad.

It cost $19, but the demo version is completely usable if you render and process your drum samples. Might not be the kind of “punch” you need but I just thought it was too cool not to share.

Hm I think a tube preamp plugin is what I was looking for…