Easy Way To Install Renoise In Linux

You just said it. A Script that you just doubleclick, a window pops up and asks for permission before installing. Windows-Like.

Well, while I certainly did not “just say that”, I see, besides it not being any simpler or faster, at least one potential problem with this: Which GUI toolkit should this pop up window be coded with? GTK? QT? Something else? Should it come with all of them and check first which toolkit might be installed and then use the appropriate pop up window routine? Or should it just force you to install a specific one first?
The thing is, since (unlike Windows), there is no standard GUI toolkit, there are just too many unknown factors. The only thing that will reliably work on most Linux installations is thus a shell script.

And if you can’t follow the simple install instructions maybe Linux really isn’t the operating systems for you ;)

Linux is the right OS for anyone. Just let people learn how to use it, ok.

can someone then explain to me why i always get “renoise can’t create a realtime thread for alsa, will create a non realtime thread instead” but if i run renoise as sudo i don’t get that message.

Also, right clicking in renoise in the system monitor and setting the prority to full, does that do anything at all?


(not having problems with latency or whatever, just wondering)

afaik, you need a kernel that can do realtime threads, and you need to run as root to be allowed to use them. so, say you have a kernel which can’t do realtime threads (or does not have it enabled), running as root will have no effect whatsoever. i think that is what kazakore meant.

This help?


Most guides recommend doing it via the Audio Group method.

zanks, kaz, it does help. But ztill, if rt thread isnt created automaticly if i run renoise as sudo, then why dont i get the same warning message when it’s nor ran as sudo. Also, setting the priority, nice to -20, can be done by right clicking the renoise thread in the system monitor (ubuntu), am i right?

thank(sorry about the z’s, i was tired)

oh btw, i tried running a project that gives crackles and have latency problems, but it ran smoother when i ran renoise as sudo, so somethings happening anyways.

Thank you so much! This way very helpful.