EatMe - Dreaming With Me

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Dream away with this tune for those good feelings. I know you love it. Here’s some warm downtempo music by EatMe - with website: - wishing you all a good 2014, promises to become the year of the flying car - make sure you prop up your roofs.

“EatMe - Dreaming With Me” is for free download, just like all music by EatMe - some rights reserved, see - free to share and broadcast for free only. Feel free to put it on your mp3 player and your friends’ laptop. Please mention a link to soundcloud/eatme or with your broadcast or share so people know where to download this and other free music by EatMe.

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(shr) #2

genious sound

how did you know i’d love it? i do!

it’s so fluffy

it’s especially good as contemplary sound to “it’s your move” which is so nice (plays next on soundcloud) the filter on the chords :D

(EatMe) #3

Thank you for listening and your comment… I knew you’d love it because it’s so fluffy (indeed). Stay tuned and have a wonderful 2014.

EatMe out

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(Arrhythmic Orange) #5

I really enjoyed this, I’d like to know your method for producing the melodies and what scale this is in.

Cheers for sharing

(gentleclockdivider) #6

Non pretentious Feel good …dreamy
I LOVE it …♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

(gentleclockdivider) #7

Taking the time to listen to all your stuff on soundcloud …
Some real gems out there …
Keep up the good work

(A.O.M.V.) #8

I second that…some awesome stuff…especially “Just For Fun”

(EatMe) #9

The chord scheme is simple:

| C | G | Am | Am |
| C | G | C with bass: Am | C with bass: Am |

this tune is probably in C Major.

The melody is a result of improvising on piano.