EatMe - Funk Inn (Electronic Funk)

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Really nice!!I would like if there was a stop somewhere,a little breakdown or something and then up again but overall nice vibe, slick transitioning ,a feel of happiness but sad too.

That sad and happy thing…

It’s a cheap trick.

When you use half-notes next to each other in the chord transitions…


It’s also got a nice name. “Chromatic chord transitions”.

| Cm Cm | Cm Cm | Cm Cm | Cm Cm |
| Cm Cm | G G | Cm/G# Cm/G# | Cm/G# G/B |

You can see it happening at the G to G# and at the ending B to C.

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I am blind when it comes to music theory so it’s nice when someone gives me the info.,thanks and wouldn’t be a nice idea for a thread where we post music but explained the theory around it and some of our tricks?

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I am posting music and sometimes explain the theory around it, not in a seperate thread, is that okay with you?

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Pretty cool. The only thing i don’t really like are the straight chords/stabs, it makes the whole piece a bit to hectic in my opinion. I really like the synth part from 2:37 to 2:59!

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Yes sure but a dedicated thread for our own tips would be cool.I think i will start one

There already is a Tips & Tricks thread on the Renault Renoise forum.

I do not feel like posting my song twice (once extra with tips).
Mostly the details, like in this thread, are added after some reaction.

I wanted some kind of “active electronic funk” vibe, in this tune, that’s why I have these half-time uptempo chords in. The synth part from 2:37 to 2:59 is meant to be right there, it would have made no sense at the beginning or over the whole tune. It is meant to be the part that people would favour, although it would make no sense without the rest of the tune.

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