EatMe has split up

It was a wide gap between one producer of software and music.

EatMe has decided to split up, was released in official press leak earlier this morning.

According to the statements on Twitter, that immediately got deleted,
it was “supposed to be made for common good”.

“EatMe will continue to release music and software. It’s just that we don’t seem to work together anymore, and that is why EatMe has decided to split up.”

“It was a long and tough decision to make. EatMe were good friends for years and we produced over 350 songs together. There were a lot of music making and programming activities from the side of EatMe, and it’s hard to split up the main team of one person.”

EatMe is very vague over when the next album will be produced now that EatMe has split up.

**There ara also rumours that EatMe is jealous of EatMe. The tool ChordLord, 1/3rdly developed by EatMe, plays chords better than EatMe can ever play them. EatMe has a website with more than 350 free songs. It’s just too much, and EatMe will ask EatMe to delete everything.

Eh what? Eatme dont want to work with eatme?

Daft punk style. Totally gutted about Eatme split though.

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how much r tickets 2 the 2022 virtual reunion concert?

EatMe is dead. Long live EatMe.

Secretly updated software ChordLord now comes with 226 chord types, new: Arpeggio (skip lines) and step “Jump”.

EatMe developed about 1/3rd of the code, Panda ignores EatMe, Suva is unfindable…

EatMe has definitely split up. Who made the computer code? Who made all 357 songs on the music page? There are rumours that EatMe is a Guru Member Levitating Knows Everything About Renoise.

Did one of both EatMe explode in the desert? (Just to know)

EatMe has done research.

It is to just explode but remain calm.