EatMe - Love2 [Bossa]

(EatMe) #1

EatMe -** L o ve2 [Bossa Nova]**

in the most beautiful font of all fonts, being Comic Sans MS, I would like to present my new song:

a truly electronic Bossa Nova track to hump, move and bounce with and for.

Please don’t download everything, leave enough downloads for somebody else:
download page:

mp3: EatMe - Love2.mp3 (
mp3: EatMe - Love2.mp3 (
flac: EatMe - Love2.flac (
Share your music and care for each other, always stay positive and motivate others to move in a good way.

Be aware: Sharing is caring. Stop hustling, rather leave enough behind, plant off, and share.

We must prevent the true hustling that went around in WW2 when a lot of mums became pregnant at once.
After the men were then unable to move around and work the land and care for each other like true epictech tranceplant and flower family brothers and sisters,
we had to relearn to share and care for each other and move in positive ways.

WW2 is almost 80 years ago.
The (un)true hustlers should remember and know it is always better to leave enough behind, and to plant off new roots from where the plants stood and will stand again.

Thank you, epictech trance family brothers and sisters of One True Media Inc.

The ingenior.