EatMe - Rock Your Boat (Drum and Bass with digital voicing)

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All voices come from free digital speech engines.

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EatMe - Rock Your Boat
(CC) BY-NC-ND 3.0 (C) (P) 2021-04-01 Music by EatMe -

Are you ready to
Ready to swing,
Ready to sing:
“Rock the jingle-ing!”

Ready to twist,
Ready to shout:
“Rock - Your - Boat”,
Rock it all about?
–end chorus

Music loud,
lipstick on,
number one,
without a doubt.

Ready to go,
Ready to take,
Ready to show,
Ready to make…

Are you here to
ready to shake,
get musics bliss,
get in a trance?

Let’s go! Let’s
mister or miss,
move it all around,
move up to this:

Get both arms up,
then turn around,
put your arms down,
and make a sound.

Are you ready to
Give it a blast!
Look to the future,
forget the past.

Are you ready to
ready to function,
ready to fail,
but then prevail…

Are you going for gold,
would it be diamonds?
Are you gonna grow old
and do your homework?

Find out a new move,
make it smooth,
turn to the groove…
Have you got Bluetooth?

This speakerbooth,
turn it up loud.
Make mamma dance.
Make daddy proud.

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