EatMe - Shift (Mix and Master by Cypher) [house]

New house music:

EatMe - Shift (Mix and Master by Cypher)

I hired Cypher for a pizza to mix and master my tune “Shift”.
That turned out great.

The new mix can be downloaded on

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Have you used an Amiga for some part🤨

This is all done in Renoise on Windows with several plugins.

You can download the song file here:

Please ask for permission before publishing any remixes / derivatives and send me a private preview before releasing.

I have no insights on how the new mix/mastering is done, as somebody else did that for a pizza price and did not tell me much about it.

“professional” vision of the stereo

Not only this track use panning,but also use some secret tricks


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Great track. Especially the verse. How do you ‘X’ out the individual tracks throughout the song? Is there some track command for this?

You can disable a Pattern Matrix block when you focus it and press Enter.

(right-click menu of the pattern slot)

Thanks a lot!