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EatMe - So Disco

is for free download on

Piano / Disco / Club / House / Bedroom music… by EatMe.

DAW: Renoise 3.1.0

drums from samples

VST instruments:

piano: Acoustica Pianissimo

club organ: ROM5 p48 “Soft Kalimba” with shorter decay - Korg WAVESTATION

electric piano: LoungeLizard Session EP

backing synth: Korg Mono/Poly

bass: Korg MS-20

lead: ROM5 p48 “Soft Kalimba” with shorter than shorter decay and release - Korg WAVESTATION

VST effects:

reverb: Freeverb2

phaser: SupaPhaser

big venue reverb: BeyerDynamic Virtual Studio

bass mono: BassLane

delay: MJRotoDelay

tape dynamics/saturation: FerricTDS

the good stuff:

mp3: hereand here

flac: here

soundcloud: /eatme/so-disco

sheet / song analysis: here

free music by EatMe on

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