EatMe - Sweet Love (soft rock, pop)
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EatMe - Sweet Love (soft rock, pop)

My first production of 2020.

Made and mastered in Renoise 3.2.1.

Synthesizer and piano stabs, tracks entered in Renoise
use Korg M1 & WaveStation (2x) VSTi plugins.


Eb Bb/G Cm Cm
Eb Gm Cm Cm
Eb Bb/G Cm Cm
Eb Dm Cm Cm

The track makes use of various RealTracks from Band-in-a-Box,
vocal mmm (chopped):
3319:Vocal Mmms, Background RockNRollGospel12-8 2-partMid Sw 065
vocal aah (chopped):
3020:Vocal Aahs, Background Pop3-part Ev 085
bass guitar (x2 tracks alternating):
515:Bass, Electric, Funk Smooth Jammin Ev 100
1636:Bass, Electric, JazzFunkBreezy Ev16 075
electric guitar (delayed, cut, from halfway):
3299:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm HardRockThrash12-key Ev 085
drums (x3 tracks mixed):
RealDrums: MetalHalfTimeHat,SloppyHat: a: Halftime Snare, HiHat b: Snare, Sloppy HiHat
RealDrums: BossaBrazilBrushAlex^1-a:Br, b:Rd (Double-time)
…RealDrums: ??, I can not find back which one…
saxophone solo (in 2nd quart of song):
…Sax: I can not find back which sax solo I used…
guitar solo (chopped to points, at ending quart of song):
1646:Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist SambaFusionCarlos Ev 190 (Bluesy)
organ (in beginning half of song):
1467:Organ, RhythmNoBass Jazz Sw 085 (Double-time)
electric piano (in 2nd quart of song):
2910:Piano, ElectricVintage, Rhythm RockabillyMike Sw 190

VST Plugins used:
BassChorus by Clone Ensemble
SupaPhaser by Bram
FreeVerb2 (now at Audacity WIKI)
BeyerDynamic Virtual Studio at preset 4: Big Venue (send, in only mid and high)
Ozone Elements spatializer (can also eq/limit) (master bus)
TokyoDawn Labs Kotelnikov GE compressor (master bus)
internal Renoise effects:
analog filter (w/ drive)
filter3 (w/ custom floor level)
multiband send
10 band EQ
compressor (also on the bass 2x, longer attack)
bus compressor (also on the master 2x, longer attack)
maximizer (limiter)

low quality:
high quality:

some rights reserved, (CC) BY-NC-ND 3.0: for info…

music by EatMe


Good track man very good

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Thanks for listening @stoiximan

Happy new year… Stay tuned in 2020!

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