EatMe - Twice Upon A Time - free download

EatMe - Twice Upon A Time
free download:

2021-07-19 …
115 BPM…
. C/A . F/D . Gm/Eb . Bb/G .
. C/A . Amaj . Amaj/F# . F .
. Fm . Gm . Am . Em .

(CC) BY-NC-ND (P) 2021
Music by EatMe -

produced in Renoise tracker software v3.3.2,
uses synthesizers: Pianissimo, LoungeLizard Session EP, T-Force Alpha Plus 2, KORG WaveStation, Sylenth1, ClouDrum Hang drum (plugins) and a 707 kick drum sample, next to the following Band-in-a-Box stems:

piano 919
guitar 2158
double bass 464
wahwah guitar 2525
medley (3 instr.) 1454
drums (3x): bluespopbusysnare, brushes, funkysync16ths


I like it, not my usual taste but as it is so different from the normal for me it felt refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

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It is quite different from the (mostly) electronic dance music genres that I made.
Kind of big beat/swing/disco, I have no idea what the genre would be.

Thanks for sharing your words of appreciation.

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