EatMe - Waterflow (trance)

EatMe - Waterflow (trance)

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music by EatMe


The synthesizers and drums are programmed in note-per-note in Renoise.
The guitar and bass is played by computer software.
Scheme written by playing on bass guitar, worked out in Renoise.

{Renoise} D.A.W. , various internal effects (filter, EQ, maximizer (limiter), LFO, hydra device, gainer, compressor, flanger, phaser, multiband send)
{Sylenth1} Synth plucks
{Sylenth1} Synth plucks doubling
{KORG Mono/Poly} Halfbeat synth
{H G Fortune Serenity Pro} (free) Halfbeat vocal synth
{Sylenth1} Bass-mid synth
{RC-808} (free) 808 kick drum
{Xpand!Air} drums: hihats, cymbals, snares
snare drum sample
cymbal noise sample
Band-in-a-Box guitars: 3330, 3238 (double takes), 3256 (double takes) bass: 2608
{TDR Kotelnikov GE} (free light version) compressor
{MJRotoDelay} (free) delay with tempo-sync and more
{Virtual Studio} (free) on preset 4, Big Venue, reverb, (multiband) send with only hi in
{FreeVerb2} (free) reverb

Music by EatMe - out.

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Sounds nice! I can just image driving around in GTA listening to this music on Soulwax FM XD

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Don’t forget to enter the car when wearing seatbelts.

The music is very nice. Thanks for posting this song.

Thank you so much.

I brought you a