EatMe - Wimming Luv

EatMe - Wimming Luv
Music by EatMe:
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Love music, Instrumental Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Chillout, Beats

Also made the music page on my website more mobile-friendly with a bar that appears at the bottom on small screens when you play.


sir EatMe


Really cool track, very chilled, like a warm blanket enveloping me!

Very nice, mood uplift guaranteed! Very nice wah clavinet and guitar sounds…

Some ciricism:

Snare mid punch seems a little delayed. Would have better effect when the punch was closer to the attack/unified with it…

The clavinet riff has that single note off by a semitone that is always repeating, breaking the harmonic feeling.

In the break passage with the double bass I would have wished for more bass action, maybe some more funky riff or improvisation building up from the single notes.

Maybe the guitar could be a tiny bit louder…

Keep on luvin’ …!!!

Thank you very much @Face_Valid . I downloaded it immediately.

@OopsIFly thank you very much as well, also for the criticism.
I have used a few different snare drum samples at the same time, so it could be that not all have the exact same attack (start) length in their punch. These were not grouped in a single compressor to unify the attack (start).
The clavinet has some odd notes, but I actually liked that it created a little tension with these offy notes and decided not to cut them out.
I wanted to break down at the double bass part, I did try with a more hefty double bass part there, but it then took too much rhythmic distraction from the break.
The guitar isn’t that soft, I don’t know if I’d like it louder, I have set it just there where it wasn’t overwhelmingly loud.

Thanks once again, stay tuned!

Chill stuff

Awesome bass you’ve got here, mate! Great chill! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Fresh_Sliced_Bread time for a toast…Thanks.

@keiss The bass tracks come from Band-in-a-Box 2020 Pro that I rendered from the

C ^Fm7 Abmaj7 ^Bb6

( the ^ makes the note strike a little earlier)
Bass tracks are from a funky electric bass and a double bass on twice the song tempo (double tempo), the tempo got set at twice as slow.
Mostly, with the rendered seperate stems, I switch between tracks , sometimes I cut notes with volume commands, and I also have added longer volume differences with volume and
track effect commands over time with most tracks, gainstaging, filterstaging, and breaks, in volume and tracks set off with a long reverb tailed something to cover the break cut * e.g. cymbal or synth delay.

The song was inspired on Chrysalism by Toonorth, that contains the same scheme as Everybody Loves The Sunshine by Roy Ayers and as Jaylo - I’m Real, with a difference in timing in the C ^Fm7 Abmaj7 ^Bb6…


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I love EatMe

new visuals on - see

Ah yeah! Bobbin my head. :slight_smile:
very nice!
Is this all renoise?

Read above