Economics And Mastering

Economics and Mastering are the two things that need to be addressed properly.

Facebook seems to be working on a netcurrency for GNU. Which is interesting, maybe things will work out better in the GNU camp aswell. Renoise is ofcourse quite good on GNU aswell. The whole sequencer thing that happened in 2000, with plugs etc, KvR related etc, is ofcourse redunant. The compact tracker format is much better. And mastering can be tweaked if it needs, on playback.

And I think the typical “standardized mastering” would solve a lot of mastering oddness. A good OS can solve both, and potentially support a streaming type economy for tracker files.

A Fir RMS and Knee 4 band would sound optimal, and IIR bandsplits can be psychoacoustically optimized for similar sound in/out. (an optimal sound between IIR and FIR), and limiter release can have threshold, or atleast hold. One should take care so that the releasetype does not sound too brutal, but is generalized. Really in this case just to even out the impulses for held release.

And as stated earlier, the original Amiga had no interpolation, but rather variable rate DAC. No interpolation = no interpolation error. However the “aliasing” should be filtered out. Which is the polyphase “interpolation”.

So indeed support for netcurrencies in trackerformat, and a standardized good 4-band mastering preset (experts will no doubt tweak it), will solve much. Maybe the trackerformat will be seen as superior because of its flexibility, and updatable sound, with updated DSP etc.



Or one could just use 4 submix also. This would be technically better, and very suitable for tracker!