Edirol Orchestra Vst

Hi guys

When I used Windows Vista x32 or X64 - this plugin didn`t work

But when I installed Windows7 x64 [long time ago] - Edirol Orchestra VST instrument works great!

Only one problem remains: it does not save instrument list I have chosen from its instrument :(

So each time I load a Renoise song - all instruments are reset to its default values.

Any ideas how to fix this? Maybe some combination in Plugin Options ["?" icon]?

try running Renoise as administrator. people have reported this issue quite often in the past. It turned out to be a bug into the VST, but since in Windows 7 it is working, it could be an user priviledge issue

I quit using edirol for the same reason, it never saved my settings…no matter what DAW I was using. These days you’re probably better off using kontakt sample libraries though, the sound quality of edirol seems a bit dated.

Tip: Use EO to save the ‘performance’ to file. Load that file every time you open your XRNS.

I used to love edirol. I hadbthe same issue and I think it was because I was using the free version from Russia.

Hey great idea! At least something :)