Edirol Orchestral

hey guys!

how is it possible, to use more than one instrument (every instruments lies on one midi channel like flute=ch01, string=ch02 and so on…) with only ONE edirol instance in renoise?

if possible, please explain like i´d be 3 years old…

grx: d

I don’t think so. If you are using renoise internal instruments (not VST) you can create split instrument though. Check the renoise tutorials http://tutorials.renoise.com/Renoise/UsingSamples


Oh, I always connect the word “Edirol” with midi Keyboards. :D You were talking about VST instrument. Yeah, check the link provided by dblue.

yeah, create instrument aliases like dblue says then alter this for each alias.

ok, many thanks to you!

i´ll try to do it as described.

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If I remember correctly you have to watch your effects in a track with aliases. So, if you have on track with vst-i-instance 1 and this track has reverb, all other instances will have the reverb-effect, too.

If I am wrong, kill my dog.

If the routing is not used or the VST plugin does not support multiple out:then you are right.

Naah, my dog died anyway three years ago. :confused: