Edirol Pcr 800 & Control Vsti-Vstfx Not Working !

Hello everybody !

I’m testing Renoise and my midi keyboard Edirol pcr 800 but I’can’t assign midi control to a vsti or vstfx ( same with AU ) !!
The keyborad work perfectly with Live Ableton but with renoise I can only play note.
For assign a controler to a vstfx I use midi map but renoise doesn’t receive the signal from the keyboard when I turn the button control !!
For assign a controler to a vsti I doesn’t found any assignation panel like vstfx, what’s wrong ??

I’m interesing for buy a licence but I need to control vsti & vstfx parametre !

Sorry for my poor english !


I have an Edirol PCR500 and it works fine in Renoise. You first have go Edit -> Preference. In the Midi-section, select your Edirol PCR-800 (or the MIDI-interface it’s connected to) in the “In Device A”-slot.

You’ve already figured out how to assign a controller to vst-fx - that should work now that you’ve connected your Edirol PCR800 in the Preferences.

To assign a VST-instrument, you have to add an “Automation”-device to a track and select the VST-instrument you want to assign. Then you hit the “midimap”-button and assign the parameters in the Automation-device, like you would do with a vst-fx.

Hello Junior & thank for your help :wink:

The “midi” green square does not blink when a turn a midi control but blink only when I push the keyboard, I just test and its workin fine with Live !
Strange !!

Ok, then it’s probably the control map you’re using on the PCR800. F.ex. the R1-R8 don’t send MIDI if I’m in Control Map 2, so that might be the problem. Not sure why it works with Ableton Live then, but I use mine through a MIDI-interface, not directly via USB.

I just buy last week the pcr, he is connected by usb, I used control map 0 ( factory and not modifiable ) !

I found the solution: I need to assign a control change to a button control and its working great !
RTFM read the fucking manual lol