Edit Mode Question

I just installed 1.5.2 and I totally forgot what key(s) to push to turn off the occurance of when you select a new instrument while in edit/record mode and it inserts a note in the pattern editor. I foget what this is called but I now I can shut it off. sorry for my forgetfulness. please help me

awesome I don’t think I can forget again.

Haven’t discovered the numberdummer pad method before. Thanks for the tip, I’ll see how it works out next time I start a new track.

cheers :guitar:

i agree, especially since, i dont have a numpad!
also, i guess because 1-9 instruments in my songs are usually just 25% of my breakbeats

The 1-9 numbers are mapped to whatever is currently visible in the instrument list I believe, so you can scroll down the list to map the keys to a new range of visible samples.

Personally I do find this feature to be very useful sometimes. I rarely ever bother making multi-sampled drum kit instruments - mainly due to wanting different envelopes applied to each sample in the kit, but also because I like having the full octave range available for each sample (and also partly because sometimes I’m just lazy).

I tend to group common samples together in the instrument list anyway, so I’ll usually always have my main drum kit sounds all there next to each other. Being able to jam with them via the numpad can be invaluable for quickly coming up with ideas.

Granted, it’s not a feature I use absolutely every time I run Renoise, but I think I would miss it if it was removed.

Maybe just time to add some explanation in the docs to solve this problem okay?

ah that numeric keypad thing!

I found that so natural and comfortable as a beat writing method - for a while - as I have traditionally always mapped my computer game controls to those keys and like to “dance” to whatever music is playing when I play online shooters, so punching in rhythms that way came naturally :D

my only problem was that you can’t record noteon/off delays with this method, so some of the funkier rhythms I played werent always recorded fluidly, so I scrapped that and went purely mathematical - now I reslice the hell out of everything using resampling and my volume switching between note columns method (see beatbattle entry…)

but yes theres definately other people who’ve noticed that trick Bantai :)