Edit Pattern Effects Graphically

I thought out this idea some years ago. It was originally my suggestion for a never released Octamed V2 for Amiga.
The metod is simple: you can draw commands and at the same time they are written as numbers and conversely if you write commands as numbers, you can see them (if you want) as a drawing and you can humanize it by a mouse.
You could use it mainly for volume, panning or something else.
I know that in renoise is automation, but I don’t like that feature very well…maybe automation was a suggestion some years ago.
You needn’t to confront this editation method to automation. I think that this method is more close to a tracker, as it is in a column from top to bottom. It could help with editation.
Or on the other side I’d be glad to see automation curve from top to bottom as a column next to an isntrument track, and not from left to right on the bottom of the screen as it is.

It could be an on/off column in a track or it could be transparent.
Here are the pictures:

Yeah seen this in a couple of Amiga trackers and yes i did like it very much