Edit Step In Hex When Line Numbers Are Hex

could this be added (as an extra option) in next update?

It has been since the protracker days that I’ve last used hex, so I lost the ability to think that way :) , but does it really help much? Only from a to f (10 to 15) you’d have a change and how many times do you edit-step in that range? Probably just me.

What about DSP parameters which refer to Lines, such as the Delay or LFO devices?

Think I made a similar suggestion a long time ago, before I stopped using LPB of 8 or 16 so much in favour of 12 or 24 and found going back to decimal easier on my brain…

I guess if you’re more comfortable in thinking hex than decimal than go for it! For me it would be confusing to set an lfo to a frequency of C even if the numbering of pattern-lines is in hex, after 3 iterations I wouldn’t quickly know which line I’m at in the pattern, especially if the lfo gets triggered with a reset somewhere other than the first line, but I suck at math :)

reading this stuff about people who are not using hex makes me wonder if i will be more comfortable without hex as well… never tried. i’m scared.