Editing Mod. Envelopes in ms mode: restricted to 10ms?

The bug I pointed out has been fixed …;converting the ms to sync mode … .
But now , when the envelope is set to time mode and minimized, the closest points can be together is about 10 ms …;we have to maximize to adjust …
once maximized , the small window will let us use smaller values
Way too much mouseclicks

This got changed to please this report http://forum.renoise.com/index.php?/topic/40884-fixed-b6-envelope-visual-bug/ (""“with the same envelope length, try and accurately drag a point on 100ms. or 70ms. or 40ms seems some numbers get jumped over?”"")

There is no way to “hit” and grab every ms with in the small envelope editor, depending on the current length of the envelope.
So we’ve changed this to at least snap to near “good” values in this case. To edit such small values you anyway have to type in the numbers in the ms box manually or use the big editor.