Effect Command

Sorry really stuped question but i dont know how to insert to effetc column eny comands for example i want to add to panning some command and i dont know how i was pressed all some keys but( :drummer:

you have to move the pattern cursor over the panning or volume column, and then insert the value normally

see if this helps:

yes i know it but
What key need to press at my key board.
Sorry really stuped but i dont kn ow

err. sorry I really don’t get what you need…

to move the cursor you simple use left-arrow and right arrow, but you of course already know it…

to go to edit mode, you press ESC or SPACE…

to enter values, you type the correspondant key on keyboard… what else should you need to insert commands? try writing a bit better english, so that we can understand you: your previous messages are a bit confusing

yahoo thanks))) very big thanks.