Effect Commands In Pattern Editor

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to understand how to work efficiently in the pattern editor, I’ve managed to record notes with my midi keyboard but alot of times Renoise gets the timing of incoming notes wrong. So my questions is:

  1. How do I go about to change for example a notes timing and velocity manually without having to record it again?

  2. How do I write effect commands into the effect columns? Like 09xx for sample offset and 01xx for pitch slide and so on… I don’t find any info about this anywhere… Please help me, I’m going nuts!java script:emoticon(’ :panic:')


first of all:
are you in edit mode? If so, a red frame should be around the pattern editor. If not, press the ESC key on your keyboard, or the record button on ReNoise screen.

Now you can just move the cursor over the desired column and type the values you need.

Thanks for your answer mr Alien

Yes I’m in edit mode and actually I got it to work this time! :)