Effect Commands Reference Card

Can any future version include an internal (dialog box) reference for effect commands, instead of sending me to the tutorial page?

The reference should be less descriptive than what appears on the page.

00xy - Arpeggio (x=base note offset 1, y=base note offset 2)   
01xx - Pitch Slide up (00 - ff)  
01xx - Pitch Slide up (00 - ff)  
08xx - Set panning (00 - ff)  

doesn’t it tell you this at teh bottom left of the screen when you input a character into the fx column?

Never looked there, but I think you are right (no Renoise on this machine).
But still, its not a replacement.

Nicer still would be your suggestion - a list of effect commands - except that one can select from the right click menu, and insert it there and then in the song.

Great for beginners too, and can introduce rarer commands even to some seasoned users.

Yeah, I never remember all since I do not use them that often - I usually use VSTs and automation, so many effects dont work on VSTs.
Some of the commands have intuitive letters but I just cant memorize the others. :)

Print that and stick it next to your monitor. A bit oldschool maybe, but that IMHO works far better than a dialog that always gets on your nerves and is never there when you need it. Also try sleeping on the printed out sheet…

In the same way that keyboard shortcuts can be seen from within Renoise, effect commands should also be seen inside Renoise.

This just seems like an incomplete implementation.
I mean, yes, this page should be in the help - but there is a reason you put a deep link to it in the help menu right? People need it and they need it accessible. It is not like “08” is intuitive as panning… it must be memorized, or viewed in a reference.

And this is the only way it can be there when you need it. A dialog, with an assignable keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-F1?) to both open and close. So its there and not annoying.

Can you imagine coding anything in your visual studio or whatever without context sensitive help?

aw damn, i thought we had a nice little pdf to print out here.
must make one of these. i constantly forget the patch change and retrigger coimmands

of maybe a tattoo! :D

yes. a tiny little card with all the commands looking very nice.
i can take to a print shop like kinko’s and have laminated…