Effect commands - sample related

Hi folks ( and yes you dbBlue Haha!)

Ok so I’m trying to add a slight pitch drop on a brass sample (similar to what brass sections do at the end of a phrase) I’m talking less than a semitone, just like a ending to a short staccato phrase instead of simply going to a note off - what’s the easiest way to do this using effect commands?

Also, If say I’m using a lead guitar sample and i’m trying to emulate string bending , when I use the Gxx command it misses out the attack so what I need again is basically a pitch bend but I don’t want to use midi

Uxx = slide pitch up by xx 1/16ths of a semitone

Dxx = slide pitch down by xx 1/16ths of a semitone

so U01 = slide pitch by up 1/16 of a semitone. So that’s 6.25 “cents” I think…

If you want to get more granular than that, it’ll require some kind of macro on the instrument, I think. But I’m not sure cause I can never be bothered to do that :slight_smile: