Effect Commands Typing Manual Problems

hi everyone.

this must have been asked a 1000 times so i’m sorry on forehand. i really couldn’t find a topic explaining this one:

typing effect commands in the main window gives me problems. i hit edit mode and select the effect column, for every parameter as soon as i hit a key it gives me the base ( i.e. 1000, f000, 90 etc etc ) effectparameter and jumps to the next line. now if i want to change for example f000 into fc12 i have to scroll back, select, type the c, renoise jumps again to next line, go back, type 1, etc etc.

there must be something completely simple i’m overseeing but i ve got no idea.

anyone can help?

thanks a LOT!!


Set editstep to 0. ctrl-0 if you’re on windows.
Here it is

Set edit step to 0 ;) (just press ctrl-0, when you’re done press ctrl-1 to set edit step to 1 again)

Just set “Editstep” to “0”… Its just below “Octave”

EDIT: Damn I’m slow. haha :blink:

thnx guys!! especially for the quick answers! :D

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