Effect Snapshot Device

What about a device that currently stores ( snapshots ) all parameters in the effect chain , the ability to automate the snapshots , I know this can be done with the hydra device , but it would make things much easier .
Imagine the possibilities

You mean like the Mixer Snapshot tool that has been made with Scripting? Although obviously not automatable…

Although I don’t quite get your comment with the Hydra. Guess you are talking more about morphing from one bunch of settings to another?..

Haven’t tried the mixer sc^ripting tool yet ( does it remember all settings of the effect devices in the current mixer chain ?
What I meant is simply a snapshot device ( with multiple buffers ) that remembers the state of all the effect devices/parameters that are currently loaded in the mixer track , by automating the snapshots of this device , we can instantly change all effect parameters .
We could do the same thing with hydra device , assigning parameters to the hydra main slider and automating it , but we would need a lot of hydra devices for this.