Effect Triggered By Midi Notes


Still learning:)
I have tried “everything”, but i just cant figure out, how to trigger an effect, in e.g. S01 or Mst ( Master ).

The effect i am trying to trigger is “The Finger” by Native Intruments - in Reaktor.
Just learning about the Midi Routing, so i thought it could be fun to test.

The notes i want to trigger the effect from, are from track 01. I have no sound,or whatsoever in the track- just midi
( c-400 etc.)
just want to use it as a trigger…

Does it make sence?
I dont know if i have used all the right words, - but i hope you know what i mean:)

Ive have tried to read and understand the tut. in http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Routing_Devices
But i must have missed it somehow- because it wont work:(

You can send MIDI notes to plugin effects by using a special type of instrument: Plugin FX Aliases

  • Add an instance of The Finger to a track’s DSP Chain as usual.
  • Go to Instrument Settings > Plugin and open the list as if you were loading a normal plugin instrument.
  • At the top of the list you’ll see something like “VST FX Alias”. Expand this and choose the FX alias for The Finger.

You can now send MIDI notes to The Finger effect by playing notes on the The Finger FX alias instrument.

u are my hero! Thank you:)