Effect VSTs with multiple outputs?

Hi, I’m trying to set up my Silent Way (a hardware rack effect that allows me to generate control voltages for analog equipment from the soundcard outputs) to work with Renoise, and I’m having trouble with one part of the packcage that functions as a 6 output effect.
I can only rout the first two outputs to one stereo pair… I haven’t found anything useful anywhere about this.

How do I individually rout the different outputs to different outputs on my sound interface? Or do I just need to go back to Reaper?-)

Usually the ASIO driver of the soundcard offers you to select the output pair underneath each track. If you use DirectSound, then you only get the main pair available.
You are sure that you are using the ASIO driver?
What soundcard do you have and how is the ASIO configuration set up? Do you have to assign channels to programs outside the DAW or can you configure that from inside the DAW? (This also depends on the soundcard driver and capabilities)

Well I’m at work now and can’t check, but unless the computer has changed it without cosulting me, ASIO drivers should be in use.

I can select from any available stero pair, but the issue is, that the voice controller of Silent Way needs either 6 mono or 3 stereo outputs at the same time… For 6 channels of CV.

If it’s ASIO4ALL you might have to open it’s control panel and check the outputs are all active.

ASIO configuration can be rolled back to DirectSound if for instance Renoise could not select the device during startup. It then falls back to DirectSound. If you then close Renoise in that case, the DirectSound configuration is saved unless you specifically change it back to ASIO prior to closing Renoise.

I don’t know if it makes those available in a specific chain, but i can understand that if a soundcard offers them but it is either two mono or one stereo, that Renoise doesn’t know how to to offer you this, because it would mean that if you select one mono option, the stereo pair for those two mono entries should be disabled instantly.
Each track gets a dropdown list with channelsets that you can choose from. You usually don’t really remove an option once it is in there. They also usually need to be stereo in Renoise so in the best case i can imagine that you only have three stereo pairs to provide, though it could be that the first outputs are all Mono and Renoise then simply ignores the other offered output channels of your sounddevice.

If you are definitely sure that you are using the ASIO drivers of your soundcard and you don’t get these options then it might perhaps be worth it for the devs to check if there are sanity checks done on what type of output-channels are offered. I mean if there are three stereo channels, i don’t see a reason why those should be ignored.

Renoise only really support stereo routing! An effect goes in a one track. Each track has stereo outputs. How would you expect to access multiple outputs from within Renoise? Have you tried the fairly common method of using Aliases of the plugin? Or maybe loading it multiple times?

It’s hardware unit so plugin routing limitations don’t matter.

edit: Ok, I was wrong and fooled by “Hardware rack effect” description

I think with the current architecture there would have to be a possibility of splitting the individual outputs to new tracks, otherwise the whole routing would have to be redone maybe. I haven’t had time to play around with this now, I bought Alchemy and I’ve been too busy programming :D

Route 1+2 pair to track 0x
Add send to route hard panned left channel to sendtrack 1, add another send hard panned right channel to sendtrack 2.

And after this, what about output pairs 3-4 and 5-6 from the VSTi? I can just already send the first two channels out, and route the wires as I please on my modular.

Pick another track for pairs 3-4 and pick add a few new send-tracks if you like.
giving your the route for pair 1-2 was just the first example to give you the basic idea to expand from.