Effects Automation

First of all I would like to say I used FL Studio for a few long years, now I switched to Renoise. I’m still learning it so maybe there is a simplier way to do the thing I want. It will be best I write an example:
Let’s assume that I want to open a Low Pass Filter from it’s closed position for 60 seconds (or some big number of steps i.e. 1024). In FL I would normally create an effect automation pattern and draw a line from 0 to 100% lasting 1024 steps, then put it into Playlist Editor placing it in time with instrument patterns, and that’s it.
How to make it in Renoise?
Right now the only way I know (in case of 32 step long patterns for example) is to create 32 (32x32=1024) copies of the pattern and then automate the filter cutoff in the first pattern from 0 to ‘some value’ then in the second pattern start the automation from ‘some value’ to the another higher value and so on… So, I need to ‘waste’ 32 patterns just to make such an effect. Is there a better way to do this? (I’m using Renoise 1.8)

That will make it clear, how to do the same thing?

you may find it easier to use a saw-shaped LFO device with a frequency of 60 seconds

OK, thanks for your replies :)
I just bought BCR2000 (midi controller, waiting for delivery) so if I make lots of clone patterns and then assign the filter cutoff to the BCR knob and record twisting it during playback I will achieve my goal, right?