Effects Edit......Can Be Saved?

I play around with the sounds alot. so in the edit window I mess with things. I know
it saves to that song file, but is there a way to save the effects changes I made and load it up
in a new song? is that a template? I don’t know what’s it called.

But I do know that in the future I can already see that I’d like to apply the effx peramteters that I made for one instrument and then later use the same settings on a different instrument in a different song.

For single effects you can save presets using the effects own saving function. Click on the preset name at the top of each effect device, usually called “Init” right from the A|B buttons if you have have started from scratch and choose “Save As” (only available for Renoise internal effects) to quickly store your settings under a new name or “Export” (also available for 3rd party plugins) to save it into a file on your HDD.

To save a complete DSP chain consisting of multiple effects, start reading here:



and what about the changes made in the instrument edit mode. when you change the properties of an instrument and all it’s settings can that be saved?

  • select “Instrument” in the radio button on the left of the disk browser panel
  • select a path where to save the file
  • type a name in the textbox on the bottom right
  • click “save”

if you are already using Renoise 2.5, then you can also rightclick the instrument name on the instrument list and choose “Save instrument as…”

you can then load the instrument back by going to the disk browser, selecting “Instrument” in the radio box, and double click the chosen instrument file