Effects 'locked' to tracks?

Hi a newbie question that I couldn’t find an answer for…

It appears that although I can use a different instrument in a track in different patterns as soon as I change the tracks effects it changes across all patterns.

Are effects locked to tracks even in different patterns?

If so, what is ‘best practice’? Do you create 20+ tracks for your song and include them as needed on each pattern or is there another technique?

Thanks for your help,



Yes, effects are per-track.

Possible options:

  • create one track per section, and play the instrument on the relevant track per section
  • create one track with a doofer per section, and automate the doofers as appropriate
  • create one instrument fx chain per section, and use instrument internal sends to send to the right chain
  • set up track sends with fx per section
  • probably more ways…

Thanks for the answer!