Effects On Vst Plugins

I think that this question has been asked a couple of times before, but I could not find an old posting where it was answered. So how can I use those mod commands on vst plugins?

For example:
I`ve got a vst plugin that generates a synth sound. Now I want to play some melody where I slide from one note to the other (command Gxx). This does not affect the sound. This is only possible with samples, so whats wrong? :unsure:

ok thx a lot, Ill try this

Track DSP => Available => Meta Devices => VSTiAutomateDevice

if you add this to your DSP chain, no further explanations should be needed:
it is a panel which will let you automate all the available parameters for a selected VST instrument.

About the resolution issue:

If you have a song at say 150 bpm, you can double that to 300 for twice the resolution… You’ll have to stretch all your tracks of course.