Effects Per Sample

hi! i’m not a registered user, so i don’t have access to the beta right now.
so here’s my question:
are the effects in 1.5 still per track? or can i aplly fx individually to each instrument?
i ask because i like to put bassdrum and snare in one track, but don’T want the same fx on both.
would be nice if this has changed in renoise 1.5. :)

no, its not possible yet, but for that reason we introduced send tracks in 1.2

oh. didn’t have a closer look to send tracks. thanks. i’ll have’em a go when i’m back home.

btw: i like the “not possible yet”… :)

hmmm. sorry for asking again, but i had a look ak send tracks, and they seem to be just normal send tracks. like in any other music program: a send track is used to not to have to load the same fx in each track.

the way you answerd, i thought i could route each sample or vsti to another send track individually. so that i could use renoise like protracker and use one track for drums: BD HH SN HH BD HH SN…e.g. and only eq the bass up for the BD and ONLY add reverb to the snare,…etc.

well, maybe i’m doing something wrong, but the way it is in 1.281, you can only send the COMPLETE track to a send track (like any other send in any other program :blink: )

but you already mentioned that per sample (instrument) fx is planned, so we’ll see. :)

But why u want to apply track effects to individual samples?
I think sampler is more appropriate fot sample tweaking… Yeah i know that renoise interal sampler don’t have those effects like reverb, compressor etc

But u can use some vst sampler… like “Kontakt” or “Halion” or something else :)

And u can also split snares and kick-s to separate tracks after you have finished your drum programming… it’s not that hard i think… :)

ok. i see. you’re right. :)
:rolleyes: <-to me! :)

of course, for $400 i’ll come to you and split your drums to separate tracks for you.

p.s. sure there are ways to do stuff manually, but i have to admin - renoise got a limitation here. i’ve moaned a lot about this one, because i think “instrument(sample) effect chain” more effective than “track effect chain” for some cases. but now i understand that renoise got a lot similar limitations and UI-weirdness, and the effect processing isn’t worse of them. so: go, render and put it back!

i didn’t quite understand what u want. If u want renoise to have more advanced sampler then well… of course i don’t have anything against that… :)

For me it’s not so high priority though… ;)

sure i want it, but not for $400, got me know? ;)

If instrument effects would be that easy to implement, we would already have them now.

The main problem is, that you can play the same instrument on several tracks at once, which again means that if you want to have a delay effect on Instrument 1 (as an example) and play this on track 4,5,7 and 10, you will need one instance of the delay effect on track 4,5,7 and 10 (making 4 in total). This is not really resource friendly, and constructing/destructing new effect instances dynamically is a quite complicated task. For native effects this might even work fine, but for VST`s this would dig a really really big whole.

Either the signal chain works based on tracks or on instruments. I dont see a solution to use both at once.

Any ideas ?

hey Taktik, i like that you put the problem out… there are my thoughts on that:

  1. i don’t think someone gonna put the same intrument with a lot of effects on different tracks when he knows that he can use just one track with the track effects instead the instrument’s one. it’s a question of optimization.

  2. most usuall effects that intruments/samples needs are reverb and delay, so, you can just put send device to instrument/sample effect chain and that’s it, i don’t think send device takes a lot of cpu.

  3. there are more ways to optimize the mixing here i think… i feel it (ya know :D), i can think about them some day soon…


I believe that in Modplug tracker it is possible to apply VST FX directly to a track AND to have an instrument routed to the same effect.

The modplug solution wasn’t very robust at all, though. You had to load up effects in the effect “pool”, then assign one of the effects from this pool in the track, instrument, or both.

Having a chain of effects per tracks as in renoise is much better.

The best of both worlds to me is obvious:
Leave the effects chains per track as they are now. However, in the instrument editor, you can have a seperate chain (individualized for that instrument only). You can then have an option to process insturment effects first, or track effects first (in case you play that instrument where there are also track effects.

This would work nicely, don’t you think? Basically, you would slimply add another “view” in the instrument editor which would look just like the normal effect chain view, with full functionality (loading/saving effect chains).

What do you guys think?

(if on top of this you develop modular effects routing…wow)

I just thought of a simpler solution!

How about you can simply route an instrument to a send track by choosing the send track in the instrument editor?

1.5 has the option to sample parts of your tracks to a sample.
So if you want to have certain samples have a certain effect, you can apply them once and then sample the effect to a sample-slot.
But this will be a fixed effect.
The other solution will be just like Taktik said:set your percussion line and then split them across different tracks, apply effects there.

The only real effects working upon individual instruments are the filter-envelopes.
You can create a good load of nifty effects upon them already.

what about introducing a new kind of send tracks?
kinda fx-track-like in FL studio.
you just create an fx track, drop your effects in it and in the sample properties window you could select to which fx-track this instrument should be routed.
this way the fx-track only has to be processed once.