effetcs tied to instr..;separate tracks

Since beta 1 …users have ask for …multiple tracks, just for note editing…when effects are tied to instruments …
And we’re going gold .
renoise going gold to focus on redux …it shameless and frustrating to say the least …

multitapdelay bug …
Improve the instruments filters , your making a fool out of yourselves just to inlude these in a vst instrument …

There are a whole lot of things and issues for which goes the same. To be honest, after the announcement of the R3RC, simply keeping all the current issues, I’ve given up Renoise. Recently I re-setup my complete system and Renoise has not made it into the installed programs anymore. Neither will Redux make it into my VSTs.

Of course sad to hear that, but we also can’t change that. Have to stop the release cycle at some point, take a deep breath, reprioritize and repeat. The only thing I can promise now is that we’ll try to address the things mentioned above in Redux and upcoming Renoise releases. This won’t be the last Renoise release.

Most important now is that the things which are there now are not “malfunctioning”. Everything else can be done later. Must be done later, because we don’t have the resources to take care of them right now.

This actually is also one important point we have to rethink carefully here in Renoise HQ anyway in the following months: It’s getting harder and harder to change or add anything in Renoise at its current stage and complexity. So either we should try to increase our “resources” to be able to do more, or reduce the amount of features, changes per release cycle in order to keep things manageable. Or change the whole way Renoise gets developed, tested and released.

If what Renoise is now is not good enough for you - if you can make music with it or not (that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?) - is a decision you have to do for yourself. We can only offer you a tool.

Oh, gentleclockdivider: this multi-tap feedback bug got fixed for the next release already.

I’m also disappointed about the decision to go final now. There are indeed a couple of things to be implemented and fine tuned that are worth waiting a couple more weeks.

Despite your saying that it doesn’t mean they aren’t implemented later on, I’m afraid that those things will be just forgotten, because the lacking areas have been “addressed” in some way already in this release.

I think there are at least two crucial things that could be improved development wise:

  1. A more bottom up approach! First implement and refine basic features instead of just adding fancy new stuff while leaving the basics unfinished.

  2. Be open about the development. The current way of not telling what can be expected can only lead to disappointment.

Appreciated you the time to respond , glad to see the mutlitapdelay fixed …
I love renoise and that’s the reason why I sometimes give over the top reactions …for example he pattern follow problem …I am 100 pct sure it is renoise gui coded related …;but I am gonna have to wait till hell freezes over to get some decent information from you guys …
How many coders are working on renoise , I assume you taktik are the one available for the main framework , kraken does the dsp stuf and danoise is the one providing ideas .
Indeed a small crew , and the current state of renoise shows that …
It"'s having an identity crisis , still remaining true to the tracker spirit +sampler …trying to be more then that but with some real quirky design flaws .
Good advice …focus more on dsp stuf , I mean quality stuff , hire a seasoned dsp developer and charge some more money …it will be worth it .

I gave you the example of renois a an aditive synth , the envelopes are there …only have to remove the 12 note poly limit and maybe ad a sine osc.
Nopppes , why not …are you guys afraid of synthesis ?
If you can not see that redux/renoise with it’s current instrument filter implementation is just a sad joke , then I am afraid the future of renoise is not promising .

Too bad there are not so many alternatives .