Efficient workflow for live part recording / undoing / etc

Anyone have tips for recording live takes? The way live recording is handled in renoise is one area that I think could still be improved, but maybe I’m missing some simple workarounds. I always find recording live takes to be a workflow killer for a couple reasons.

In a typical DAW, you can usually loop a region and keep jamming, then trim it down to the parts/takes you want to keep. This obviously doesn’t work in renoise. Once the loop starts over, you’re automatically overdubbing. Sometimes this is okay, but sometimes you want to do a bunch of takes or a bunch of parts quickly quickly. Anyone have a way of approximating this functionality? Early on in song creation you can copy-paste a few patterns and kindof kluge it, but this gets to be more and more of a pain as the song gets larger and more complex.

A second issue is undoing a take which spans multiple patterns. There are a couple ways I do this -

  1. hitting CTRL-Z for the number of patterns I recorded
  2. Shift-F3 to delete all the pattern data. This has to be done one pattern at a time though.
  3. the fastest way I’ve found is to delete and insert the track entirely. Unfortunately, this is no good if the track has effects / automation that I want to preserve.

Any ideas?

For what you are trying to achieve, this tool will surely come in handy. It has been part of my essential toolage ever since it was made

It’s very simple to use:

  • enable the tool
  • loop a region (some patterns) in the pattern sequencer
  • enable edit mode

Once you start playing the song, the looped patterns will be duplicated as the playback position advance to that region.
So, essentially you get yourself a “backing track” that you can freely jam over / record into.